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Wireless Internet Access

Current small mobile computing devices offer wireless access to the Internet. Examples include the Palm and the first generation of Web-enabled cellular phones.  Already, limited consumer e-business services are available for these devices (e.g. access to Yahoo, Amazon.com, stock quotes, CNN news headlines). 

These devices are just the first wave of a broad movement towards low cost Internet-enabled mobile devices that can assess data and services anywhere. In the next few years, it is likely that the most common form of Internet access will be such low cost Internet "appliances" rather than a traditional PC. In such a post-PC era, with lower cost access and more convenient devices, business and consumer use of the Internet will become as ubiquitous in everyday life as cellular phone use today.

Pervasive Computing

In a related development, what has been termed "pervasive computing," a new generation of "smart devices," connected to and accessible via the Internet, are in design. These include everything from home appliances and set-top boxes to game machines and medical devices. Such an increasingly "connected" world will provide the basis for many new services and also encourage the use of wireless mobile Internet devices to access them. 

Wireless e-business Solutions

We can provide applications that extend e-business solutions to wireless devices today, leveraging the IBM and Lotus technologies supporting services for these devices. Existing Web sites and applications can be extended to work transparently with wireless devices, or new sites and applications can be designed with them in mind. The technologies include Websphere Transcoding Publisher and Mobile Services for Domino.

Think of the applications in your business that would benefit from mobile access and contact us with your requirements. Early adopters offering these services still have a limited window of opportunity to establish a competitive advantage.

Our Services

Boston Engineering Services offers Internet consulting services to help companies establish a business presence on the Internet (e-business) or update their existing presence to benefit from these new developments. The technologies we offer to implement e-business solutions include software packages as well as customized programming to integrate systems. For example: IBM® Websphere, DB2, Net.Commerce, Lotus® Notes/Domino, JavaTM, C++, XML. We first work closely with the customer to define the business objectives to be met and then recommend tools for the solution.

We differ from other vendors in offering custom solutions and personal service, with enterprise-grade technologies, battle tested by Fortune 500 companies, but at affordable prices. 

Contact information

Boston Engineering Services, G. E. Tucker, Ph.D., President
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