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Web Development and Custom Application Development

The explosive growth of the Internet has opened up the possibility of distributed computing via the Internet, using such languages as Java, and thereby the prospect of a whole new world of software applications, and new ways of doing business using them. Applications residing on a server can be accessed by a simple Web browser, from within or outside a company, anywhere in the world, if the appropriate security permissions are granted. 

Standards are emerging for the new Application Service Provider (ASP) model of software distribution, where companies can rent applications hosted over the Internet. In this model, upfront investment in software is minimized, much of the Information Technology (IT) support and infrastructure issues are outsourced, and a company can receive a more professional application at a lower cost than typically is available in off the shelf, shrinkwrapped packages.

We can assist companies wishing to develop custom Internet-ready applications for internal use or for resale.

Web Application Integration, Legacy Systems, Intranets and Extranets, and Business Process Reengineering for the Web

Distributed computing, over the Internet, leaves many companies with islands of disconnected software applications and data. We can assist in interfacing such legacy systems with the new Internet oriented infrastructure, for example, with a company Intranet and Extranet. Applications and data can be shared, with appropriate security restrictions, within and outside the company, to employees, partners, and customers. In many cases, existing systems can be Web-enabled, preserving investment and minimizing disruption. 

We can integrate Web standards and technologies with existing investments in Microsoft products and technologies, such as MS Office and BackOffice, COM/DCOM, MS Visual C++ and MS Visual Basic.

We specialize in connecting the 'front end' (Web site) to the 'back end' (existing systems), integrating a company's IT infrastructure, and assisting in reengineering business processes for the Web. Please contact us with your requirements.

Our Services

Boston Engineering Services offers Internet consulting services to help companies establish a business presence on the Internet (e-business) or update their existing presence to benefit from these new developments. The technologies we offer to implement e-business solutions include software packages as well as customized programming to integrate systems. For example: IBM® Websphere, DB2, Net.Commerce, Lotus® Notes/Domino, JavaTM, C++, XML. We first work closely with the customer to define the business objectives to be met and then recommend tools for the solution.

We differ from other vendors in offering custom solutions and personal service, with enterprise-grade technologies, battle tested by Fortune 500 companies, but at affordable prices. 

Contact information

Boston Engineering Services, G. E. Tucker, Ph.D., President
(800) 739-2904 (voice); (781) 240-5615 (FAX)
email: gtucker@bostoneng.com

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