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Business-grade DSL service

Many companies are still using dial-up modem service to access the Internet. This is slow (56K bps maximum) and unreliable, and does not allow real-time integration of existing back office systems in the company to a remotely hosted Web site to enable e-business. 

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is an always-on, flat rate per month, very fast connection to the Internet over normal copper phone lines. It is an attractive alternative to modem dial-up and the more expensive leased lines (T1, etc.). It is also superior to ISDN (a slower, dial-up service that is usually not priced flat rate), Cable Modem access (asymmetrical speeds and capacity shared with neighbors) and consumer-grade DSL (asymmetrical speeds). 

In comparing service for business use, it is important to note that the other commonly available always-on services, Cable Modem and consumer-grade DSL, have asymmetrical not symmetrical speeds. This means a fast download rate (coming in) but a much slower upload rate (going out). While this may be suitable for home users who only expect to consume data in Web browsing, it is not suitable for business users who produce data and publish it to the Web, either from an in-house hosted Web site or in the two-way flow of back office data to a remotely hosted site. 

Business DSL data rates (symmetrical speeds) are available from 144K bps to 1.5M bps (rate equivalent to a T1 line), depending on cost and the distance of your office from the local telephone company Central Office (CO). In-house hosting of Web sites is possible with business-grade DSL, at data rates preferably 784K bps and above,  but companies may wish to order a slower rate for basic office connectivity and consider our Web application hosting services for hosting their Web site at a secure datacenter monitored 24/7.

Our services

With our national industry partners, we can provide business-grade DSL service in most metro areas of the U.S. Please contact us or register online so we can check what service is available in your area. We can also provide assistance in connecting the DSL link to your existing network (e.g. firewall and general TCP/IP networking issues).

Boston Engineering Services offers Internet consulting services to help companies establish a business presence on the Internet (e-business) or update their existing presence to benefit from new developments. The technologies we offer to implement e-business solutions include software packages as well as customized programming to integrate systems. For example: IBM® Websphere, DB2, Net.Commerce, Lotus® Notes/Domino, JavaTM, C++, XML. We first work closely with the customer to define the business objectives to be met and then recommend tools for the solution.

We differ from other vendors in offering custom solutions and personal service, with enterprise-grade technologies, battle tested by Fortune 500 companies, but at affordable prices. 

Contact information

Boston Engineering Services, G. E. Tucker, Ph.D., President
(800) 739-2904 (voice); (781) 240-5615 (FAX)

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