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Boston Engineering Services, founded in 1991 by G. E. Tucker, Ph.D., provides software engineering services to companies, large and small. Our primary focus is e-business, the integration of a company's traditional Information Technology (IT) with the Internet.

Transform your business into an e-business by integrating existing business processes and information systems with the Web. Reach new markets, improve products and services, and leap ahead of the competition.

We create new Web sites or upgrades of existing sites, and can enable sites for access by wireless Web devices (Palm, phone). We specialize in connecting the ‘front end’ (Web site) to the ‘back end’ (existing company databases and applications). 

We offer e-business application hosting at a secure data center, and fast, reliable, economical Business DSL service to connect your offices to the Internet.

We differ from other vendors in offering custom solutions and personal service, with enterprise-grade technologies, battle tested by Fortune 500 companies, but at affordable prices.

Industry partnerships include: Lotus Business Partner, IBM Premier Business Partner, IBM Solution Developer, Java Developer Connection (Sun), Microsoft Site Builder Network, Netscape Development Partner, Massachusetts Software Council.

Please contact us to discuss your needs: (800) 739-2904 (voice), (781) 240-5615 (FAX), or email to gtucker@bostoneng.com

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